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Introduction: Life today is way too fast than our ancestors. Mode of every task and activity of life has transformed from manual to technology. Same has happened with sports bookie, land based sports bookies have gone somewhere in the background and online sports betting sites has become a front picture. Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets, Online sports betting sites has an edge over land based sports bookies because it allows placing bets directly from the house, workplace without making any sort of disturbance in the comfort of bettors. is such Malaysia betting site and offers live bets.

QQ101 has left other sports live betting sites behind by securing an authorization from SPORTS BETTING. In the world of sports betting, authorization is the feature which tends to decide the worthiness of any site and we are glad to announce it to our members that we fulfill this important criterion. QQ101 is a registered and authorized site and we offer guaranteed bets. Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets

QQ101 follows the principle to serve our members in a better way leaving no doubts in minds of members and making them explicit about all of our terms and conditions. Safe and secured games are a trademark of our company QQ101. As a reward for our efforts made to delight and cheer bettors, Malaysians have shown immense affection towards us and within few days of launching our site we have gained a huge number of bettors and turnout is just way beyond our expectations.

Wide room for games:

We offer the wide room of games that is fully capable of catering bettors with different tastes of games and sports online betting. Some bettors are fond of placing bets on only famous games like cricket, hockey, football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, badminton, golf and ice hockey others may seek fun in racing games like car racing, horse racing, and dog racing. Despite all these popular games we also provide offers over bizarre and unique games like ice hockey camel wrestling and dog surfing. We provide bets on all of the captivating tournaments of cricket, badminton, and football. FIFA football, Africa cup of nations, ICC cricket world cup are at the top among other tournaments. This is just a little glimpse of opportunities we provide.

We also provide our bettors with odds on each player, team. After having a view of odds it becomes easy for bettors to decide which team is more valuable and which player can add more to their bankroll. Note that odds are most important in betting sports and they have the potential to increase your bankroll by placing a bet on weak team or player too.

Live streaming experience:

QQ101 allows its members to enjoy the jiffies of Live streaming. It is the opportunity to watch live games on sports betting. It will let you watch sports from far distant places. You can view games mere by a single click no matter which place you are at.

We have made accounts of our members interconnected with an experienced betting site like iBCbet and 368BET. Members of our betting site and there can interchange the information with each other with their original ids. By this step, need to make multiple login ids will be eradicated and bettors will be able to get prestige advice from valuable members out there on above stated sites. Hence, we gather all the bettors on a single platform.

The cherry on cake is added by the fact that each time you play games through our platform we give you 1% commission on your weekly handovers.

The benefits of being a qq101 player cannot be estimated in only one article but on the need to be a regular member of it. Come and join us!

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