Get Expertise in Different Cricket Shots

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Get Expertise in Different Cricket Shots, The game of cricket is a very interesting one. It is the second most promoted sport of the world as people love it and there is a mass amount of cricket fans who are not just interested to watch it on the television but there are a lot of people who also like to play cricket. There are so many people who have formed leagues and teams on a very initial level and the sole aim of these teams is just to have a good time and enjoy with friends. Cricket is also a very good source of exercise so people play it to be fit and healthy. The cricket lovers are aware of the fact that there are numerous types of shots that can played in a game of cricket and not every one of them is easy but these are very important to learn because sometimes they can be game changers.

Get Expertise in Different Cricket Shots

So by reading the tips to get expertise about the different types of shots during the game the beginners can get good first-hand knowledge about it.

  1. The basics

The first and the most basic thing to do during batting is to decide if the player wants to make a good shot or whether he intends to just defend his wicket. But this decision is not a very easy one to take because it might depend on the speed of the bowl and the length of the pitch and other factors as well. So the first thing is to make this decision while observing the whole scenario. If the ball is bowled between the ankle and the thigh height then it is advised to take the front foot one. The first thing is to identify the ball and then shift you bat and body according to it and the most important thing is to keep a close eye on the ball and never get distracted.

When the ball is delivered then the batsman must wait for the right time to hit the ball as the timing at this stage is very important and it may depend on how high or low the ball goes. The tip is to gather all your energy and wait for the right time to strike and if you get to do it then things can get pretty easy for you.

  1. The front foot shots

Players usually make the mistake to try to make every shot a scoring one but there are some conditions when you have to rely on the defensive shots as well. The player has to take a step forward while leaning his head and the frond shoulder in the forward direction then you are supposed to swing the bat in the downward direction. The bat should be ahead of the leg. In case when there is a full delivery on middle or if there is off stump then the straight drive must be played. This is the simplest shots of the cricket and almost all of the beginners are aware of this shot.

  1. The back foot shots

This shot is a very safe one to play if the shot is short and it is on the stump. In case a batsman is facing a very fast bowler so remain safe from being called out the batsman must opt back foot defensive shot. A square cut must be played when there are short deliveries on the outer side of stump. This kind of shot can turn out to be very powerful and become a source of a very good amount of runs undoubtedly.

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