Lion Heart Slot Machine Game, Understanding Pay Table

Lion Heart Slot Machine Game, Understanding Pay Table

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Know better Lion Heart Slot Machine Game. If you are not quite familiar with the machine, Lion Heart is the best slot game  is purely based on the famous fairy tale story called as Beauty and the Beast which features a stunning lady, a gorgeous man as well as a ferocious beast. They all turned to be characters in the reels.  Here, the female characters assemble like Isla Fisher, a popular actress and are one reason why most men choose her. Lion Heart Slot Machine Game, Understanding Pay Table What’s great about Lion Heart is there are lots of free spin rounds, which only means you have more chances of winning as well as more opportunities to gain big multiplier.

The gameplay

Lion Heart Slot is a specifically designed high five game, which serves as the standard five-reel slot. Every reel would show 3 slot game symbols.  Typically, it has 30 set of pay lines wherein each has their own default  amount. However, you have the freedom whether you will play 15, 5, 9 or just one line.  Just remember that the minimum bet for every chosen line is about 1c. On the  other hand, the maximum stake is $10 which makes a best slot machine the best thing for every bankroll types. When it comes to the interface, it has a pretty design, which retains the fairytale theme. Every character is all unique.

Lion Heart Slot Machine Game, Understanding Pay Table

Lion Heart Slot Machine Game, Understanding Pay Table

Lion Heart Slot Machine Game, Understanding Pay Table

 The pay table

Usually, pay table serves could be accessed by clicking the icon close on the bottom of the screen in the game. It will then launch one pop-up window, which will tell you about the things you should know regarding with the game.

It always makes players amaze as soon as they plunge right to the best slot machine game such as Lion Heart though they didn’t check yet their pay table. This will just assist and inform them what type of symbol they need to scream at the top of their lungs and get as much enjoyment they can get out of their playing session.

In the pay chart, you can found all possible winning combinations together with the amount needed to be paid out as soon as they land.  This will be the one to tell you wild symbols as well as the scatter symbols along with the functions.  Here, you can also know  everything about the bonus round, minimum and maximum prices, if ever the game has one.  When the game does features progressive jackpot, you could also found necessary information here.

How to understand the pay table?

Trust us. It is so easy to comprehend.  Since slot games vary because of designs and features, still they have the same basic information. In Lion Heart, its base game  utilizes the  typical winning  format on landing 3 and above  consecutive  symbols coming from left to  right  within  one of the chosen pay lines.   Here, the wild symbols are the most essential since it will replace other reels aside from the scatter.  Meanwhile, landing on five within a row would pay out 2,500 coins. Beast would come right on the next pay table on 750 coins while the beast and beauty on human form pay 250 and 500 coins respectively.

Aside from that, there are other relevant symbols such as diamond ring and rose, which pays 100 and 150 coins. You could also find here some playing card symbol  such as 10, J, K, Q as well as A.

 Another thing here is that you could also make use of their ‘Replay’ button wherein  you could watch for a large amount of winning through spinning and spinning.

Lion Heart Slot game is another slot game you shouldn’t miss to try! Come on and play it now!

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