Live Poker vs. Online Poker

Live Poker vs. Online Poker

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The two different types of poker are similar and different in various ways. This article will show the facts that define Live Poker vs. Online Poker, nature and process.

Live Poker vs. Online Poker

  1. The type of the contested pot

Due to many players existing in the game, in the online poker most if the pots are heads up. However, in live poker, most of the pots are usually 2-or 3-handed.

Live Poker vs. Online Poker

Live Poker vs. Online Poker

  1. The depth of the games

In online poker, it is common for players to have a stake of 100bb as compared to the liver poker player’s 300bb. Raising the stake is very risky due to the risk of having abler and skilled opponents that could lead to massive losses.

  1. The speed of the games

The speed used in playing the online poker is relatively higher as compared to the one used in live poker games This is due to the number of hands involved in the poker games. Live poker has fewer hands which translate to increased number of folding.

  1. The degree of pre-flop limping

In live poker games, the players often pre-flop to extend that it cannot be used to find the fish. This is contrary to the online poker where this behavior is minimal

  1. The rate of bad beats

In online poker, the micros and the lower limits have the highest chance of running into bad bets. The smaller stakes mostly face this predicament.

Advantages of Online Poker:

  1. Convenience

Online poker definitely more convenient as it does not need the player to travel to reach the service as in live poker. In online poker, the player plays at their own place of comfort at and time

  1. Variety

In online poker, the player has much to choose from. He/she can even play the not so popular games such as Five Card Draw which may otherwise not be available at live poker.

  1. The range of stakes

Online poker has a range of stakes from the lowest possible stake of less than a dollar to suit players running on low-budget to very high stakes for those who can afford to wager more money.

Disadvantages of Online Poker:

  1. Inability to see your opponents

This hinders the online poker player’s ability to read moves clearly. The attitude of your opponents can aid the poker player in winning. However, the online poker players do not have this privilege.

In online poker it easier and quicker to lose huge amounts due to the high stakes that are involved is 100bb in comparison to 300bb of the live poker.

Advantages of Live Poker

  1. Social

It improves the rate of social interactivity due to the fact that people gather together in the casinos and poker houses. This brings people together forging unity among the players.

  1. Ability to see your opponents

Live poker players can pay attention to their competitor’s moves and use the information to their advantage.

  1. Improve on skills of managing their money

The live poker can learn how to go manage their money because if they fail to do so and cannot pay the bills in casinos which will lead to them being thrown in the cage.

Disadvantages of Live Poker

  1. Less variety

 The live poker players are a disadvantage because they have less pile to choose from. This especially affects the live pokers who like the not so popular games like the Seven Card Stud.

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