Lotto Jackpots Rewards on the World Lottery Site

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Lotto Jackpots Rewards on the World Lottery Site, Lotto Jackpot at the world lotto website has been given a lot of trials by a lot of people. Some have won it severally, some once and others none at all. We want to show you the possible winnings that you can get from playing online lottery at the number one lottery site. Everything is well regulated so you will be sure to get outstanding jackpots and prizes as the figures reveal to you. You can make money easily and quickly. Our Jackpot if easy to try and you are always entitled to be the winner always. Below are some of the prizes that you can win.

Lotto Jackpots Rewards on the World Lottery Site

#1. When you have 3 matches and one extra shot

This is the least prize that people get and for those who go below match three, they get nothing in reward. The odds for this match for people who try the jackpot is 1:1. 676 meaning you will win times that amount. You will end up getting $125 from that level but having considered that you have only used $1 and another for the extra shot, it is worth to be called a good deal.

#2. 4 matches with no extra shot

This means that you have spent only one dollar to bet. You have a maximum amount of money that you can bet. In this kind of a game, the odds are normally 1:1, 311 meaning you have little that you can win here. You get a reward of $50 but there is a small bonus that is given and you can win a total of $86 dollars. This is good because you can bet again and choose your numbers accurately to win good results and outcomes. This is what makes us to be the best site always.

#3. 4 matches plus one extra shot

This is the chance and we consider you to have moved close to the jackpot. We actually feel sorry for you because we normally see how much you have tried. As a result, we give powerful odds of 1:78. 786 meaning you have a winning of $1500 dollars plus other prizes to take home. We process all these while we have already deposited your stake into your account for you to continue betting. It is a good deal for people to continue winning games at all times. Our aim is to flood your account with money at all times.

#4. 5 matches

This is near the jackpot, in fact you have just touched it but because of dome little issues, you didn’t manage to win it. We understand that you feel the pain and you want to win a lot next time so as a result, we give the best odds possible. Here we give 1:78, 789 and you win the $2,000 at once. You will also be given the best prizes like TVs, Decoders and gas cookers to make you continue to be a true gambler.

#5. 6 matches and end of it.

The moment you see six lines, you see six dots, prepare you security team to come and collect the $14m jackpot. Say Goodbye to poverty and starting living the dream. This is the ultimate prize that you can get and above all you become one of our shareholders reaping daily million profits from the people that play from the sites. You are lucky, you can even stop working and eat, and you can finish the money. We process everything within one day and you will have your money deposited to your account so that you can do your own things.

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