Slot Machine - Captain America Pay lines and bonuses

Slot Machine – Captain America Pay lines and bonuses

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Are you a superhero fan? Or do you like killing villains? Then captain America is the right hit for you! A project of cryptologic software, captain America- the daredevil is one of  the most promising online slot machines. It is a 20 to 25 pay line slot game reels that operates by Playtech software platform. Slot Machine – Captain America Pay lines and bonuses The game can be found in any online casino that has this software. It is well-produced marvel themed video slot.

Real fans of captain America would be thrilled to know that this game is completely based on the real comic series and none of the things has been changed. It features symbols like captain America himself, his nemesis, His dog tag are all used in their original manner.

Quick introduction:

The story in the game starts where you have to go back to world war 2 and join Steve Roger for the removal of the evil organization. In order to do so or to get started with the game, the players need to set a wager first. There are certain options that would allow you to set  a wage according to your requirement and demands.

Slot Machine – Captain America Pay lines and bonuses

Slot Machine - Captain America Pay lines and bonuses

Slot Machine – Captain America Pay lines and bonuses

The option “lines” is for adjusting the pay lines played and the option “line bet” changes the coin denomination that  ranges from 0.01 to 5. There is another option called “spin” that initiates the game where the tag saying “bet max” is to increase the bet to its maximum.

Important distinctions:

There are certain important terms that need to be seen in order to have a good grip on the game.


When the machine offers the wild option, it clearly is referring to captain America. According to his role or character, he is the wild and the furious one. This best slot game also means that he would complete the combination substituting other slot game symbols except the scatter’s. If you play 5 wilds, then you would win around 12,500 coins approximately.


If the machine offers scatter’s options, then it means it is referring to captain America’s logo. Two scatter games would earn you a win whereas three or more scatter games would earn you a bonus round.

Bonus feature:

Well this easy and I bet that it would interest everyone. So, it offers 5 options in that context. If you decide to go for plane overhead, the captain America would throw his shield at you and that would earn you a prize or so. But if there is a red skull then you would get 15 re-spins. This on the other side does not happen usually so that actually is a bonus. But keep in mind when the reel is spinning, you can not re-trigger the bonus option.


It offers three jackpot during the game but for that, you would need to be super fast, the efficient ad clearly good at it. But the jackpots name that is being offered are as follows:

  • Hero Jackpot
  • Marvel Hero Jackpot
  • Super Hero Jackpot

Betting system:

The betting system is the one in which you would more interested. So here it is, the bet can only be made before starting the game and payline. One coin on one line can be bet at one time. So this makes up a total of 25 coins that would result in 125 dollars. Try Captain America e-games on your slot mobile.

About cryptologic:

Cryptologic is popular for featuring marvel themed games best slot machine. It offers a wide range of prizes and at least three jackpots are offered throughout the game. The chances of winning these jackpots are directly proportion to your strength for playing this game. The longer you play, the greater are the chances.

This game is for all those who are superheroes fan or who admires them enough to do whatever it takes to get into their shoes. This game offers the best features that  could turn anyone into a  hero in himself. This game is the quite a mix of fun that can actually earn you  a handful of money. Just in case you want to try it out,  slot machine – Captain America betting slot and bonuses you can simply subscribe to the online casinos that are powered by cryptologic and bam! You are good to go.

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